Cast Of The Little Things

Who was the killer in The Little Things?

Introduction to ‘The Little Things’

‘The Little Things’ is a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s like a puzzle where you try to fit all the pieces together. This film is available on Netflix, which means you can watch it anytime. The story is not based on real events but feels very real.

Actor Name Character Portrayed
Denzel Washington Joe “Deke” Deacon
Rami Malek Jim Baxter
Jared Leto Albert Sparma
Chris Bauer Detective Sal Rizoli
Michael Hyatt Flo Dunigan
Terry Kinney LASD Captain Carl Farris
Natalie Morales Detective Jamie Estrada
Isabel Arraiza Ana Baxter
Joris Jarsky Sergeant Rogers
Glenn Morshower Captain Henry Davis

Who Are the Stars?

The cast of The Little Things is amazing. They bring the story to life. You can find all about them on IMDb (Internet Movie Database), a place where movie fans go to learn about films and actors.

The Plot: A Mystery to Solve

The movie’s story is about finding out who the bad guy is. It’s a detective story. There are clues, twists, and turns that keep you guessing. The main question is, “Who was the killer in The Little Things?” That’s what drives the story forward.

Is It Based on a True Story?

People often ask, “Is The Little Things based on a true story?” The answer is no. It’s a work of fiction, which means it came from the writer’s imagination. But it feels like it could be real, which makes it even more interesting.

What’s the Point of the Movie?

So, what is the point of The Little Things movie? It’s not just about finding the killer. It’s also about the small details. Sometimes, the little things can be the most important. They can help solve big mysteries.

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Understanding the Killer’s Identity

Figuring out who the killer is in ‘The Little Things’ is a big part of the fun. The movie keeps you guessing until the end. It’s a surprise that you won’t see coming.


‘The Little Things’ is more than just a detective story. It’s a movie that makes you think about the small details in life. Whether you watch it on Netflix or check out the cast on IMDb, you’re in for a great time.

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