How do professional cleaners press clothes?

Have you ever wondered about how professionals press your clothes? Well, surely, we all would love to know how we can press our stuff so cleanly. But the matter of fact is that it is never so easy. There are several steps involved and numerous things are there to consider when we talk about how to do professional cleaners press clothes. Nevertheless, we will list the process along with some tips and recommendations that will help you in getting the best out of it.How do professional cleaners press clothes?

How do professionals press clothes?

It is a multi-step process where they would do things regarding the type of clothing and its fabric. However, most of the time, it starts by pressing clothes. They would press the shirt, pants, suit, or whatever they got and move forward to steaming. For that, they possess special machines that help them in steaming clothes in the best possible way.

Moving on from there, once the steaming is done, there comes the process of ironing which is mostly what we do in our daily routine. After completing the ironing, the clothes are ready to be sent. They would fold it down carefully and pack it in a box with caution before finally sending it to the client. Nevertheless, they might add some other finishing touches and do some necessary repairs required to make your suit look better.

It all requires certain equipment to be completed and many people would simply purchase the stuff and want to press the clothes like a professional. However, the notable thing is that they have spent years with the job and are aware of the right techniques required to press your clothes flawlessly.

Professionally pressed trousers

While the method of pressing may differ for each presser, generally it is carried in the following manner. Keep in mind that here we will only be discussing the ironing part which is core and most people would like to do it at their home. You will need an ironing board along with an iron, distilled water, a spray bottle, and clean trousers.

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Check the temperature of your iron and consider the trouser’s cleanliness. Make sure that both things are appropriate before proceeding. Start by ironing the pocket linings which are neglected by most people because they are on the inside.

Then move to the waistband and top part of the trouser. Once you are done there, start marking the trouser crease. First, do it at the bottom, and then proceed to mark the crease at the top. As you mark the crease, move ahead and start pressing the front crease.

From here, it is just about connecting the dots together. Keep in mind that you have to press straight down! Completing the front crease, start pressing the back one. Then press down the first leg and repeat the process with the other leg.

Do note that there are other elements that professionals consider i.e. type of fabric as it directly impacts the technique and style of pressing. In case you think you won’t be able to do it, the professionals are always there to do the job for you.

Helpful Tips to Do Your Laundry and Ironing:

Do professional cleaners press clothes themselves? Here are some helpful tips on how to do your own laundry and ironing.

  1. Do professional cleaners press clothes the Right Way

Before throwing your clothes into a washing machine, you should observe its care tags first to avoid ruining your fabric. Usually, it will come with a tag that indicates the type of fabric that is recommended for that particular clothing item. For professional cleaners’ press clothes, be sure to read ALL of the instructions before you wash them as different types of fabrics have different requirements.

  1. Use professional cleaners to press clothes Hints and Tricks

The heat settings on most modern washers should indicate whether warm water or hot water is required. If there’s no set at all, warm water is usually safe for most professional cleaners’ press clothes. However, if you’re unsure whether the tag specifically recommends cold or warm water, it’s safer to play it safe and use hot water instead.

  1. Use professional cleaners to press clothes Carefully
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Some professional cleaners’ press clothes have special care tags that indicate how you should clean them so be sure to follow these instructions as professional cleaners’ press clothes could shrink, fade, or be damaged if those care instructions aren’t followed.

If those special professional cleaners’ press clothes care tags are unavailable, professional cleaners’ press clothes that are recommended for “Professional Cleaners Press Clothes Only” should also be handled with professional cleaners’ press clothes.

Cleaners press clothes tips

The professionals advise that you should start by assuring that you have the right equipment. Use an iron board with an old cloth to protect the delicate items. Next up, we have the fabric. If you have clothes manufactured with acetate, rayon, silk, or wool, you must keep your iron at low settings.

Turn the rayon and silk inside out before you proceed with pressing them. Wool is also a sensitive fabric and it is always good to place a damp cloth between iron and wool when pressing it. On the other side, make the polyester and cotton slightly damp before you iron them and make sure that the fabrics are pressed at medium and high heat respectively.

Make sure that your iron is completely ready before you start working on your clothes.

When placing the damp cloth between iron and wool or lace while pressing, assure that the cloth is damp, not sopping wet! Fabrics like corduroy, linen, and satin should also be turned inside out before you start working on them. Always assure safety when you are ironing the clothes.

Keep it away from children and when you are done, let the product cool off for a minimum of 10 minutes before you put it away. There are irons that come with built-in safety features. So, you might want to consider buying one from this category.

Dry cleaner pressing machines

A dry cleaner is an important machine that you should have if you want to press clothes professionally. It aids you in many ways and will help you in pressing the clothes in a better manner. Moreover, clothes that may not be ironed can be pressed with dry cleaning machines.
Never choose a dry cleaner based on its price. Always consider the value of the item which is a sum of the quality along with the price and service. By considering value, you will be able to get the best item within the budget that you specify.


Moreover, there is a common misconception that if you get all the professional equipment at your home, it will solve all your issues. Well, having a good dry cleaner pressing machine is different from knowing how to use it the right way and get the best from it. So, it will take some time and doing before you can press your clothes flawlessly on your own using the pro dry cleaner.

Final words

Pressing clothes is never an easy job. When we talk about how to do professional cleaners press clothes, it is not all about the right equipment. It is also linked to the level of experience that they acquire and the fact that they are aware of techniques and know how to deal with a certain fabric appropriately makes it easy for them to press. So, achieving the same level will not only take the right equipment but some experience and knowledge of techniques too.

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