How to wear a Headband – 5 Best Ways to Wear Headband

If you are looking forward to how to wear a headband or are keen on knowing how you can make one for yourself or your baby, you are at the right place.
There are different ways of wearing headbands and a lot of styles are on display in the modern era. So, here is our guide about how you can wear it and how you can make different popular headbands.

How to wear a headband with short hair?

If you have short hair, wearing headbands is not a simple task. There are a few preparation steps that you need to consider before you can attach the band to your hair. First of all, you have to add volume to them. For that, curling and teasing can be your pick.

Once you know that appropriate curling and teasing has given volume to your hair, you can further blow them to make a smooth hairstyle and prepare to give them a final blow before attaching headband to it.

Next, you can pin back the sections of the hair that are close to your face so that it stays behind. Now, put up the headband, around 1 inch behind your hairline set it according to your style.

How to put on a headband?

There are a number of different styles that you can make using headbands. Depending on the fact that how you are going to style your hair, the answer to how to wear a headband can vary.

For instance, you can compliment the ponytail or braid with it. All you have to do is find a good band and put it on your hair. Then you can style your hair behind or across the band to give it a nice look. Do note that this is only a single style and generally people who make this style wear headbands 1 inches before their hairline ends.

For a different appearance, you may like to put the band on your forehead while placing the bottom part of it behind your ponytail or use it in a different way to match up with your hairstyle.

How to make a headband?

The DIY headbands for the home are fairly easy to make and here is a simple solution. Just get your hands on an appropriate fabric. Make sure that there is elasticity in it. It can be a ribbon or even a simple piece of cloth. Depending on what kind of hairband you are looking to wear, one can choose the cloth or ribbon that come with designs on it.

Do not forget to keep some elastic along.
Wrap the cloth around your head, from your forehead to the nape of your neck. It will give you an idea of the length that you need (for cloth or ribbon). One mistake that people make is that they do not consider the overlapping part so assure that you take the measurements accordingly.

From the point of overlap, take five inches towards the INSIDE of the fabric and cut it from there. Cut down elastic for no longer than 4 inches. You can use glue to attach both ends of the cloth with each end of the elastic. Do note that this part of the hairband will generally be behind your hair. However, if you still want to cover it, you can sew the same piece of cloth around it (but for that you need to assure that there is flexibility in the fabric too.

On the other hand, you can use a totally flexible fabric. Cut it according to the measurement of your head but do not go for that ‘5 inches inside’ cutting. Rather than that, just take 2 inches and cut it from there. Now, glue both ends of fabric with hot glue or fabric glue and your headband is ready.

How to make headband for babies?

When it comes to making a headband for babies, things get a different turn. Many people with to decorate it in a number of different ways. For instance, you may like to follow the idea given above regarding how to make headbands. You can take measurements of your baby and make an appropriate hairband.

Just assure that it does not get too tight. Moreover, you can decorate the top of the band with the help of the fabric. Cut it in any shape that you like and attach it to the band with the help of glue.

How to make cat ears headband?

The simplest and easiest way to make a cat ears headband is as follow.Consider the steps listed above in how to make a headband to know how you can make one for yourself.

Cat ears are all about the decoration that you are going to put on it. You can create two triangles of same length and width as the two ears of the cat. Make them with cardboard and cover them with a good plain fabric before decorating them using glitters.

Or you can also take a ribbon and make an ‘infinity’ shape with it. Glue the ends of the ribbon to assure that it holds the shape and attach it to your DIY band.

How to make a naruto headband?

Naruto headband is heart favorite of many people however making it is not that easy. But as we are making things simple for you here, we cannot find any easier way of making the Naruto band than the one listed below.

Take a suitable fabric and make the headband as stated above. Make sure that you choose a fabric that is a little wide so that you can make a prominent Naruto.Take cardboard and craft the sign on it.

Once you are done with artwork, put some color on it or cover the surroundings with a suitable fabric. Now, if you have covered the surroundings of the cardboard with fabric, you can sew that along with your ribbon. Else, just take a piece of cloth with which you have made the ribbon and glue it on all sides of the cardboard and then sew it or glue it with the ribbon.