How long does nail polish take to dry?

Are you willing to go somewhere? or want to do some hangout with friends, Have you polish your nails but don’t know “How long does nail polish take to dry?“.There are many ways that you can use to dry your nail polish quickly within few minutes of putting hands in cold water for a while or use your hair dryer for some quick result.Generally, it takes 1 to 2 hours to dry naturally without doing anything.However, you can use the tips which we are going to share with you to get a quick result.

Use Cold Water

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Before painting your nails with polish fills waters in a bowl and put few cubes of ice or you can use cold water instead of that.When you finished polishing your nails, put your nails into the water and hold it for three to four minutes.Your nails polish will dry within minutes.If you haven’t found cold water near to you then merely stick your hands into your freezer for few minutes and get’s dry nails.

Use Hair Dryer

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Do you have a hairdryer at home?. If Yes, then you can go anywhere with friends with your styling nail polishes. We usually use a Hair dryer to dry out quickly, but it could be your nail polish dryer also.You have to put the setting of a hair dryer to Coolest and blast your nails with the most refreshing air.Don’t set hair dryer to warm or hot air that will keep your nail polish soft and will not dry.


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Drip Dryer gives results within a few minutes.It’s Dry product for nail polish to dry your nails quickly.The official website of the product claims that your nails could be dry in 60 seconds, but actually, it takes two to three minutes. Have to put few drops of drip on your nails and have to wait for maximum two minutes.It, however, seems like it’s doesn’t work with old or sick quality nail polishes.

How do I make my nails dry faster?

These above ways you can use to dry your nails quickly without damaging your nails with third class ingredients or products.We would suggest for the cold waterway.Try to paint your nails and leave them naturally to dry, because it could give a more free look to your nails and haven’t any chance of damaging nails.