Cast Of King Of Kotha: Plot, True Story and Box Office Success

Find Is King of Kotha based on a true story? and full movie cast

King of Kotha is a movie that has caught the attention of many movie lovers. It’s a film that tells an intriguing story and has a cast that brings the characters to life. Let’s dive into the details of this movie and its cast.

What Happened to King of Kotha?

King of Kotha has been a topic of discussion among movie enthusiasts. It’s a film that has generated curiosity due to its storyline and the performances of its cast. The movie has been well-received by audiences and critics alike, making it a must-watch. Fans have been eagerly asking, “What happened to King of Kotha?” as they delve into the plot and character dynamics.

Is King of Kotha a Hit or Flop?

The success of a movie is often measured by its box office collection and audience reception. King of Kotha has managed to capture the hearts of its viewers, making it a hit. The movie’s engaging plot and stellar performances have contributed to its success. The question “Is King of Kotha a hit or flop?” can be confidently answered with a resounding “hit.”

“King of Kotha” made a strong debut at the box office, grossing over ₹7.7 crore on its opening day, marking the second-highest opening for a Malayalam film after “Odiyan” (2018). The film’s international earnings were impressive, with notable figures in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia, totaling $889,439.

Despite mixed reviews, the film’s initial box office performance demonstrated its appeal, particularly driven by Dulquer Salmaan’s star power and the anticipation surrounding the action thriller. However, its long-term success was hindered by its eventual classification as a box office bomb.

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Is King of Kotha Based on a True Story?

While many movies are inspired by real-life events, King of Kotha is a work of fiction. It’s a story crafted to entertain and captivate its audience, with characters and events that are purely imaginative. This answers the frequently asked question, “Is King of Kotha based on a true story?” with a clear “no.”

Is King of Kotha Worth Watching?

Absolutely! King of Kotha is a movie that offers a blend of drama, action, and emotion. It’s a film that keeps you engaged from start to finish, making it worth your time. If you’re wondering, “Is King of Kotha worth watching?” the answer is a definite yes.

Who Is the Villain in King of Kotha?

Every good story needs a villain, and King of Kotha is no exception. The movie features a formidable antagonist who adds depth to the plot and challenges the protagonist in exciting ways. The identity of the villain in King of Kotha adds a layer of intrigue to the story.

Who Is the Cameo in King of Kotha?

Cameo appearances add a special touch to movies, and King of Kotha has its share of surprise appearances. These cameos add an element of surprise and delight for the audience. The cameo in King of Kotha is a closely guarded secret that adds to the film’s allure.

Cast of King of Kotha Real Name

The cast of King of Kotha is made up of talented actors who bring their characters to life. Their real names are as follows:

  • Lead Actor: Dulquer Salmaan (as Kotha Raju / Raju Madrassi / Apple Raju)
  • Lead Actress: Aishwarya Lekshmi (as Tara, Raju’s girlfriend)
  • Supporting Actor: Gokul Suresh (as SI Tony Titus)
  • Villain: Shabeer Kallarakkal (as Kannan / Kannan Bhai)
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Dulquer SalmaanKotha Raju / Raju Madrassi / Apple Raju
Shabeer KallarakkalKannan / Kannan Bhai
PrasannaCI Shahul Hassan
Gokul SureshSI Tony Titus
Aishwarya LekshmiTara, Raju’s girlfriend
Nyla UshaManju, Kannan’s wife and Ranjith’s mistress
Saran ShakthiJinu, Manju’s Brother
Chemban Vinod JoseRanjith Bhai
Shammi ThilakanKotha Ravi, Raju’s and Rithu’s father
Anikha SurendranRithu / Ponnu, Raju’s Sister
Shanthi KrishnaMalathi, Raju’s and Rithu’s Mother
Srikant MuraliFather of Tara
Sudhi KoppaRafi
Senthil KrishnaKaalan
T. G. RaviVareeth, Ravi’s Friend
Rajesh SharmaBilla
Rahul MadhavNikhil, Tara’s boyfriend
Sajitha MadathilKalikutty, Kannan’s mother
AnumolShahul Hassan’s wife
Pramod VeliyanadMuthu
Prasant MuraliPeelan
Adhri JoeMemu
Midhun Venugopal
Madhan Mohan
Govind PaiSonu, Ranjith’s son
Manju VaniMuthu’s wife
Sachin Shyam
Soubin ShahirSuitcase Leslie (cameo appearance)
Ritika SinghDancer (cameo appearance in the song “Kalapakkaara”)
Kiara Rinku Tomy


The real names of the cast of King of Kotha add to the authenticity and connection viewers feel with the characters.

Cast of King of Kotha Wikipedia

For more detailed information about the cast and the movie, you can visit the King of Kotha Wikipedia page. It provides a comprehensive overview of the film, including its plot, cast, and production details. The Cast of King of Kotha Wikipedia page is a valuable resource for fans and critics alike.

King of Kotha Collection

The box office collection of King of Kotha is a testament to its popularity. The movie has done well commercially, adding to its success story. The King of Kotha collection has been impressive, showcasing the film’s widespread appeal.

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In conclusion, King of Kotha is a movie that offers a captivating story, a talented cast, and an overall entertaining experience. Whether you’re a fan of drama, action, or simply good storytelling, this movie is definitely worth checking out. The cast of King of Kotha has done an exceptional job in bringing this story to life, making it a memorable cinematic experience

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